More Info:

Capsule will be available through our Kickstarter for $359 USD, £259 GBP, €297 EUR, $445 CAD, $461 AUD, $445 CAD, $498 NZD which is 40% off our RRP with our early bird offer. GBP is our leading price and other prices may vary based on daily conversion rate.

Prices are displayed in USD as this makes it easiest to convert to international currencies. We were advised to use USD pricing as Kickstarter is a US platform, Kickstarter will convert the price for each user's location.

Shipping will be available to: USA, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Power cord plug: Capsule will come with the appropriate plug for each user’s location.

Capsule Dimensions: height 46cm (18in), width 25cm (9.8in),  depth 50cm (20in)

Water Tank Dimensions: height 17cm (6.7in), width 13cm (5.1in), depth 13cm (7.1in). 

Weight: 10kg (22 pounds).

Power rating: 950W.

Filters: Capsule has 3 levels of filtering that includes a micro-filter and a basket to retain large pieces of food that can later be disposed of. We don’t recommend washing nor rinsing your dishes before washing with Capsule, we do recommend scraping remaining food.

Soap: Capsule requires dishwasher soap. It can use tablets, powder or gel. We recommend using gel or powder as to have better control over the amount used. Do not use manual washing detergent.

Heat: Capsule heats the water up to 75ºC/167ºF for sanitising and convection drying.

Set up without plumbing: Capsule is ready to be used right out of the box with 3 easy steps in just 5 minutes. (1) Plug it to a power outlet, (2) connect the water inlet to the provided Capsule water tank, (3) connect the water outlet to the provided water hose and place the other end onto the sink or other recipient for the drained water.

Wash without plumbing: Add water into the provided water tank, select a washing mode and press play.

Set up with plumbing: Connect water inlet and water outlet to the water supply and drainage piping respectively just like a standard dishwasher.

Wash with plumbing: Select a washing mode and press play.

Disinfect with UV-C light: Select UV light and press play. It is recommended 10 minutes for hard surfaces like phones and bottles and 30 minutes for paper and textiles. Capsule UV-C light uses LEDs with a wavelength of 265-275nm.

Operation time: Use plus or minus buttons to modify the operation time. Capsule will remember the most common selection out of 5.

Warranty: Capsule comes with a warranty of 2 years; it’s designed to last 10 years and be repair friendly..

About Us:

Loch Electronics was created to address the lack of options for us consumers regarding the environment. We decided to challenge the status quo of established companies not doing enough for our planet. We are here to seriously push the limits of sustainability in households and offices. 

That is our focus and sole purpose. 

Capsule Dishwasher is the perfect example of that. Capsule reduces the use of energy and water by 4 and 7 times respectively compared to washing dishes by hand. So it will not only allow households and offices to save time washing up but also save on their bills and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. 

Design and innovation is how we aim to change the world for the better. We pay attention to every detail, every notch and every button; we design with every user in mind. We create both functional and beautiful products that enhance our lives and lifts our spirit. We find immense joy creating them and hope you find the same joy using them. 

“Loch” is the Scottish Gaelic word for “lake.” It speaks of our Scottish roots, our tradition of innovation and one the many natural resources we aim to protect. We are designers at heart who deeply care about solving everyday problems for everyone and deeply care about the planet we live in. That’s Loch in a nutshell.